Turkey and its pear production, both are among the top ten countries in the world rankings in pear exports. Foreign pear varieties as well as many local pear varieties are grown in Turkey in a wide geography. Turkey is the pear production in 2017 stood at 503 004 tonnes, 188 754 tons of Bursa has 38% share of the total production. Among the many kinds of pears grown in our country, Santa Maria, Akça, Williams, Mustafa Bey varieties produced in summer and Deveci, Ankara Beurree Clairgeau and Beurreed Anjon varieties produced in winter are exported. The most exported varieties of Bursa are Santa Maria and Deveci pear varieties.

Meyco has its own orchards for Deveci and Santa Maria pear varieties, in the villages of Bursa region. In addition, Meyco  cooperates with carefully selected local partner grovers, managing whole process from begining to harvest, storing, packing and transportation.