Bursa region is historicaly famous for it’s delicious peaches. Various kinds of peaches are cultivated in Bursa and it is the most preferred fruit of summer days in Turkey. Peach is regarded as a symbol of long-life and immortality. A peach trees live approximately 30 years but in Bursa mostly after 15-20 years, the trees are uprooted. It is a very juicy fruit and has a velvety skin. The peaches with easily detachable pits are called “yarma”. Yarma peach is mostly consumed as fresh fruit. The “fleshy” peach is used in making canned food. InTurkey, there are two main kinds known as white pulped and yellow pulped. Turkey is the sixth largest Peach producer in the World.

Meyco has own orchards as well as partner growers in Bursa region. Most popular versions grown and exported are GLO Heaven, Cresthaven, Elegant Lady, O’Henry and Extreme varieties, in order from early to late.